Doctor – Patient Relationship…. Is it at stake?

Doctor – patient relationship was one of the most cherished relationships just a few decades ago. I remember in my childhood how the doctors were respected and treated in the community. Not only for medical ailments but family physicians were even consulted for other family matters. I remember the way my father who practiced as [...]

Teaching Values to Your Child

Hi Parents, We all know values guide our life. The way we feel about ourselves depends a lot on our values and most of it is learned in childhood. It’s better to teach children well-defined values than they picking them up randomly from their environment. So how do we teach values to children? The best [...]


Kinesthetic learners must feel to learn, to feel through touch, taste, and smell. They love doing something and learning in the process. They love to be part of case studies and project work. Instead of learning text books of science they would prefer to spend time experimenting in the science lab. To learn they need [...]

Auditory Learner

As the name suggests these type of children learn by sound. To learn they must HEAR. They are comfortable when a text is read and explained to them rather than reading the text themselves. According to Nusa Maal (2004), 20% – 30% of people are auditory learners. Even though less than one-third of the population [...]


Visual learners grasp information with ease through images and illustrations. They need to see what they are learning. This can include anything from pictures, photos, drawings, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and videos, to seeing animals, plants, people, and objects. They would prefer to read a story rather than hear an audio book of the same [...]


What do we mean by Learning Style? Learning styles according to Wikipedia is nothing but different ways by which a person can learn. These are the ways a person picks up information from their surroundings, understands them and retains the information. However, the way a person does this varies from one to another. There are [...]

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