What do we mean by Learning Style? Learning styles according to Wikipedia is nothing but different ways by which a person can learn. These are the ways a person picks up information from their surroundings, understands them and retains the information. However, the way a person does this varies from one to another. There are many theories on learning style but the most important ones are the VAT style, which stands for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Although every child learns by using all the three ways one of the three is used as the primary mode of learning. But why is it important to know and understand about the learning style of a child?

This is because a child with each learning types has unique personality traits and the child’s personality influences how they learn. So by knowing about a child’s learning style, it becomes easy for teachers and caregivers to understand a child’s personality trait and teach them appropriately as per their type. When children are not taught as per their learning styles they can become restless and aggressive. It has been seen such children have been stamped with conditions like learning disabilities, autism and so on. A study conducted by Specific Diagnostic Studies on all students in elementary and secondary schools (Miller, 2001).

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